Patty Melt Grilled Cheese

Say goodbye to boring old grilled cheese, make it a meal by adding a little more oomph to it. By oomph I mean ground beef and sauteed onions… I know! Delicious right? This is my version of the traditional patty melt. While I like the flavor of patty melts in general I don’t like the […]

Recycled Belvedere Vodka Glass Tumbler

Looking for the Perfect Gift? Bottles & Wood has it!

Do you have a mother‐in‐law? I’m pretty lucky to have a great one, but like most mother‐in‐laws, it’s hard to find great gifts for her. She has a home bar, so when I was asked to review these Belvedere Vodka Bottle Rocks Glasses, I was happy to oblige. She’s going to really like them. Some […]


Why My Kids Prefer Milk Over Sugary Drinks

Milk is extremely important for building STRONG bones and healthy bodies. Do you remember those commercials years ago when they’d show the awkward little kid and then the football player or model those kids turned into a few years later from drinking milk? Um okay, so they were a little far‐fetched, perhaps, but they made […]

Homemade Pancake Mix

Homemade Pancake Mix

Our family LOVES pancakes and that may even be an understatement.  A Homemade Pancake is so much better than a store bought mix and after experimenting with many recipes we’ve found one we like best!  They cook up fluffy and the center is not left doughy like some pancakes.  They also have a great cinnamon […]


UNICEF Supports Education & After-School Programs

Education around the world is not created equal. Millions of children around the world lack a quality education either due to funding, staffing restraints or lack of supplies. These children also lack physical activity due to funding. As a parent, providing your child with the best education possible and a means of being active is […]

Woman with Tissue

7 Tips for “Staying Healthy” During the Cold & Flu Season

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/P&G. One of the best things about winter is that the cold weather kills off all sorts of germs and bugs, but at the same time, when we’re indoors with all the windows and doors shut, we’re giving those same germs a place to live. It’s a double‐edged sword, […]

Capresso Coffee a la Carte Cup‐To‐Carafe Coffee Maker

Enjoy Exceptional, Café-Quality Coffee & Tea with Capresso

Those of you who love coffee but don’t drink more than a cup or two are going to LOVE this product I was asked to review. It’s the Capresso Coffee a la Carte Cup‐To‐Carafe Coffee Maker. You can make one cup of coffee or tea or an entire carafe with no waste. Whether you’re single, […]

Kitchen Cabinet

13 Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen Cabinets

A lot of people consider their kitchen to be the most stylish room in their home. But when it comes down to it, functionality is really the kitchen’s most important consideration. With so many items and appliances to store in a limited space, it’s easy to get into the habit of throwing plastic food containers […]


Oreo Cookie Butter

Okay, I was am on the whole Nutella bandwagon. I mean what’s not to LOVE about a jar of chocolate-y goodness that you can slather on anything or dip stuff into to be chocolate covered? Well, there’s a new “thing“…cookie butters. Um, have you heard of them? Basically you puree cookies, and cream until it’s […]

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